Carless college student who loves cars. Photographer, musician, and lover of learning.
Carless college student who loves cars. Photographer, musician, and lover of learning.

Introducing myself... #AMA!

The following is ramble.

(I write this piece mostly as a mental warm-up, to start writing again so graduate school doesn’t drive me insane. Also, feel free to share your experiences or things about yourself.)


My name is Joshua. I’m a 23-year old graduate student from Georgetown University studying Physiology with a concentration in alternative medicine. I’m half Indian (Sindhi) and half Alabama-Virginia Army redneck. I listen to indie music and classic hip hop. I love mint teas and iced americanos, comfortable sneakers, demin jackets, street photography, and intellectual thrillers like the Manchurian Candidate, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, or Interstellar. I suck at skateboarding, time management, or wrapping gifts. I love surfing, cooking, and hiking. I love reading FTA and Jalopnik.

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, 10 minutes from the Pentagon, and now live a 7 minute walk from the CIA Langley HQ. Both my parents are government cotractors and musicians. I was homeschooled, attended three different high schools, spent senior year+1 in community college, and finally majored in Sociology at George Mason University, 10 miles from DC. I work part time as a photographer (@joshuajmangilbert) and I am a terrible classical pianist of 11 years who never practices and should, shame on me.


I have no idea what I want to do when I make the great leap into adulthood; so here’s my hotlist of occupations, which aren’t entirely exclusive in nature:

1) Emergency Medicine specialist

2) Actor

3) NAVY SEAL or Corpsman

4) Photographer or some sort of globetrotter

5) An FBI agent

Finally, I’m an aspiring blogger (on the side of my real occupation and graduate school.) I started commenting and editing 2 years ago on Oppositelock, where I became interested in blogging about everything and anything that interested me. Through some Facebook glitch, I haven’t been able to log in to post for months until today, on my new laptop.


Finally, 20 facts (or opinions.)

1. If not Craig, Elba should be the next Bond.

2. Pineapples do not belong on pizza.

3. Apple needs to bring back Slide to Unlock.

4. Saratoga is the best sparkling water out there.

5. The USAF needs to contract someone to build new A-10 airframes.

6. The Ford Falcon FPV needs to come to the USA.

7. The TSA is a massive mistake.

8. There needs to be more bridges across the Potomac.

9. Acura needs to bring back Type-S.

10. The price of a shot of espresso should be an economic indicator.

11. Public school should be run like a community college, and elementary school should learn from East-Coast homeschooling. Re-designing education to compete, not reforming it, is the answer. Life skills and social work need to be included.


12. Concussion is a severely underrated film.

13. Canon needs to bring back Eye-Control.

14. Icon needs to open up an East Coast shop and build me a car.

15. The Jeep Patriot is a terrible car, and Jeep should make a convertible Renegade.


16. Trump is distracting you from Aleppo.

17. Luther needs a fifth season.

18. The media is no longer practicing journalism.

19. I’m running out of ideas.

20. I wrote this whole thing in the Denver airport Caribou Coffee.


Ask me anything, and share cool stories about yourself!

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